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Mai 2023
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First opened in 1834, the hotel was appointed purveyor to the court of the Landgraves of Hesse in 1913 and has been in Richter family hands since 1959.  The growth of the town and the hotel, coupled with technical progress and the changing requirements of our guests have all led to considerable alterations to both the exterior and the interior of the hotel.

Our reception is situated in what used to be the roofed entrance for coaches: in earlier times there was space for three coaches and six horses directly behind the hotel.  The hotel was extended onto the spot where the ‘Hessischer Hof’ used to stand, doubling the number of rooms available, but still connected to the original building.

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1829 - 1832

September 1829 the innkeeper Wilhelm Weiß applied for planning permission from the town of Marburg to build a hotel in Elisabeth Street – today’s Marburger Hof.

Oktober 1832 the plot of land was legally signed over to Wilhelm Weiß by the landowner Jacob Blenner.

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1832 - 1834

Guesthouse Weiß was built and can be found on a lithograph of Elisabeth Street from the year 1834.  Over the years, its name changed to ‘Europäischer Hof’.

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The Pfeiffer family took over the hotel from the Weiß family and it was renamed Hotel Pfeiffer. 

In those days, coaches drove through a wide arch in the middle of the building to reach the yard behind, where there was space for up to three coaches and six horses.

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The Leukroth family bought the hotel from the Pfeiffer family.  Initially the name Hotel Pfeiffer was retained but later was changed to ‘Europäischer Hof’.

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The ‘Europäischer Hof’ was appointed purveyor to the Landgraves of Hesse.

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The hotel offered its guests 55 beds in 38 rooms with running water and six rooms with an ensuite bathroom.  Two telephones and a modern radio system helped ensure the hotel met the expectations of a high-quality hotel.


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1944 - 1953

1944 The Tiemeyer family took over the hotel.

1945 Towards the end of the war, a bomb hit the hotel, causing significant damage.

1945 - 1950 the hotel was rebuilt.  During these years, only the ground floor was in use as a restaurant.

1950 Part of the hotel was brought back into use with 40 beds.

1953 Construction of further parts of the hotel began.

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Wolfgang and Hermine Richter acquired the hotel and began immediately to extend and renovate the ‘Europäischer Hof’.

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The demolition of the neighbouring hotel ‘Hessicher Hof’ made way for a new building adjoining the original building.


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Pictures Hessischer Hof 
Old house brochures, owner K. Kreutz, year unknown, printer´s H. Kombächer
Pictures Europäischer Hof  (Hotel Pfeiffer)
Old house brochures, owner Richard Leukroth, year unknown, Eukerdruck Marburg
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