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Oct 2023
Oct 2023
Environmentally-friendly stays and meetings 

For us, sustainability means behaving responsibly without forfeiting standards.  To ensure our future is successful and worthwhile, we focus today on warm hospitality and regional sourcing.  Based on the three fundamentals of sustainability, we are mindful of ecological and energy efficiency considerations, buy climate-friendly products and use resources carefully.  We fulfil our social obligations through such measures as fair business practices with our partners and employees.

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Green Meetings & Events

Marburg is a wonderful place to live, surrounded by beautiful countryside.  We feel privileged to welcome guests here and are excited by the challenge to add value sustainably.  So we’re delighted to work in partnership with ‘Green Meetings & Events Marburg Stadt und Land’.  Find out more about the initiative here and read the ‘Declaration of intent’ we have signed up to.

Declaration of intent
This declaration of intent is our voluntary commitment to act sustainably in all relevant respects of economic, ecological and social aspects.  We have pledged to act responsibly in respect of the environment and, through numerous sustainability measures, to work for an improvement in quality of life for all parties involved in the value chain.  In doing so, our focus is on the common good and consolidation of the region.
The following principles are henceforth recognised by us and incorporated in all business processes:
We aspire – through the CONSOLIDATION of the Marburg-Biedenkopf region to promote advantageous development at all levels.
For us, the responsible use of RESOURCES & ENERGY is a given.
We deploy measures to serve the COMMON GOOD with the aim of improving quality of life.
Partners view sustainability as an OPPORTUNITY for Marburg to position itself as a sustainable destination.
Our actions are determined by FAIRNESS, our deeds by TRANSPARENCY and our benchmark is CONSISTENCY.


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The codex for sustainability ‘Fairpflichtet’

Sustainable enterprise, supporting the common good and a responsible use of energy:  all these values are close to our hearts, so we were happy to sign up to the sustainability codex ‘fairpflichtet’.  As part of this voluntary codex, we would be delighted to give you an insight into the goals we have achieved and how we are achieving them.  Find out for yourself about our work.

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Project 2018-2020 Smart Hotel Supply

Alongside sustainability, digitalisation is one of the current big topics in the hotel industry.  We are delighted to be part of the research and development project: ‘Smart Hotel Supply’.  In co-operation with Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH, the University of Kassel, energy provider EAM and the companies Betterspace and EMD, we aim to reduce costs and energy consumption in our hotel by up to 20 percent.  To do so, we are implementing more renewable energies and innovative measurement and analysis processes.

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Enjoy a carbon neutral stay

We’re already investing in renewable energy and will spoil you with a delicious breakfast of regionally-sourced products, yet every night spent generates 72kg of CO2 emissions.  In co-operation with ClimatePartner, we offer you the opportunity to have a carbon neutral stay with us.  Choose to offset the carbon footprint of your stay for just 1.93 € per night, guaranteed by a certified climate protection project.  Find out here how much CO2 we have been able to offset to date.

Play your part in climate protection and book your room with us today!
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Benefit the environment No Housekeeping services required?

In favor of the environment you can forgo the intermediate cleaning of your room. This will help us save valuable resources such as water and energy and reduce the use of chemical cleaners. As a thank you for your commitment, you will receive a LOVEfully selected and daily changing gift.

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on the Fairy-tale Route

Emobile travel
Want to experience the Fairy-tale Route without noise and pollution?  With your own or a rented E-car this is possible.  At nine locations on the German Fairy-tale Route, there are charging points operated by the company PLUG’n Charge.  


Manuela Richer, the director of Marburger Hof views E-mobility as an important investment in the future: it advances co-operation with the German Fairy-tale Route, enhances the services available to our guests and attracts new groups of guests.
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